Welcome to the RPP Data Portal

The RPP Data Portal is a data management tool for retailers and energy efficiency program sponsors participating in the Retail Products Platform (RPP).

What is RPP?

The Retail Products Platform (RPP) is a next generation model for energy efficiency retail products programs. RPP leverages scale and a streamlined approach to motivate retailers to stock, promote, and sell a greater proportion of energy efficient products.

How does the RPP Data Portal work?

The RPP Data Portal supports and streamlines the administration and management of data collection, processing, validation, incentives, and reporting for participating RPP retailers and energy efficiency program sponsors.
1. Capture retailer sales data, while ensuring data integrity and security
2. Report and calculate energy savings metrics
3. Determine accurate incentive payments to retailers
4. Track and report all program metrics

RPP Data Portal features

...for the retailer
  • Simple data upload
  • Guaranteed data privacy
  • Large rebate volume
...for the utility
  • Cost-effective
  • Wide range of products and retailers
  • Reduced rebate administration costs